Telecoms Market Synergy

You could be a key player in mobile network sectors, or a business unit with B2B, IoT or Roaming focus. We can take care of your billing needs.


MVNO Charging from Thin MVNO to Full MVNO and important low cost startup support. Tier-1 proven.


MVNO Charging, Revenue Assurance, Margin Assurance. Cost effective for small MVNOs with multi-tenancy.


Add Wholesale Pricing Support, Margin Assurance and converged Retail/Wholesale insights and analytics.

Wholesale Roaming

Zone-to-Zone Charging, Multi-Zone Configurations, Roam-like-at-Home and bespoke commercials.


Support SME Businesses to Corporate Accounts. Partner with Solution Providers.


Support device/subscriber Usage-based, Bundled, Session and Connection charging. Deliver Bespoke metering and units in Converged Bills.

Cloud Platform Benefits

Agility to scale up or down with ease to meet demand. No cost lock-in and competitive pricing for large scale installations. Secure, resilient and reliable.

Processing designed to suit SLA. Cloud-native with queue/stream-based processing. Proven to efficiently and cost effectively handle up to 10m subscribers per instance. Ongoing benchmarking...

No up-front hardware costs. Costs start when On-boarded. Costs cease if Off-boarded. SLA based on your requirements. Slashes implementation times and costs.

Located in your region with alternate cloud-backup location. Disaster recovery included as standard. Qualified technical support included as standard. Designed and operated by Cloud Experts.

Encrypted data end-to-end, at rest, in transit and between partners. Closed Network Design for secure connectivity. Secure MFA and role-based access. PGP encryption, HTTPS, SFTP...

Innovate or react to market demands with new billing plans and promotions. Meaningful insights and analytics to support commercial decisions. Design bespoke and hybrid promotions, incentives and cedits.

Cloud Enterprise Billing

A comprehensive plaform to support you wherever you are on your Telecoms journey. Powerful features in an evolving platform.

  • MNO Tier-1 proven
  • Simplify operations
  • Secure by design
  • Adopt innovations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Reduce OPEX

Assurance Services

Safeguard your brand with Assurance Services every step of the way. Near real-time or periodic.

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Volume Assurance
  • Margin Assurance
  • Rating Verification Checks
  • File and Content Checks
  • Fraud Detection

Billing Operations

Achieve Digital Transformation for your Billing Operations.

  • Bill Generation
  • Billing Investigations
  • Rate Card Maintenance
  • SLA/KPI Monitoring
  • CDR Suspense Queue
  • Network Investigations

Convergent Billing

Simplification does not mean compromise. Configure billing from subscription fees to complex usage-based tariffs. Combine into hybrid charging models, all merged into a consolidated Bill.

Usage-based allowances, Pre/Post-Pay, Usage Sharing, Rollover, Fixed Price, Unlimited...

Per unit, First Period, Min/Max, Peak/Off Peak, Conversational, Aggregated, Tiered...

Optimised (Bundle/Price), Optimised PPU Usage, Segmented Billing...

Configurable Periods, Dual-Tier Pricing Model, Date-Effective Change, Concurrent Rate Cards...

Promotions, Commercial Modelling, Segment Tracking, Reporting...

Why choose us?

  • Qualified Support

    We know how important it is for you to maintain your schedule, that is why we do everything to fit it. We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality of service.

  • Cost

    We innovate and drive forward with the latest ideas and technologies whilst ensuring our platform is secure, performant and cost effective.